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  • It's no secret that promoting your website(s) are difficult and competitive including finding the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that won't break your wallet and works. Your challenges are fighting the establishment of mega websites that are well entrenched in most peoples lives, that trying to persuade your friends to come to your niche website is like asking them to make a huge sacrifice as their addiction to the mainstream media is far more important then your own creation.  I've learned to not take this enigma personally, and I've found that through my own networking, that my friends online are profoundly awesome, interesting and as much of a geek as me. So how do you promote your website beyond your real life social circle and without cost with exception of your time and energy?

    Aside from creating six websites to create content for members and inter-link content, I came up with several solutions to promote my websites and other great websites which include a Social Aggregate website, Tech's Realm for website promotion, and my exclusive WeBring page on each of my websites.

    I carefully considered my challenge of website promotion and decided to go out-of-the-box and create my own social aggregate website for the purpose of sharing best "niche" websites on the internet and promoting them as a free service to members of my websites that would like to take part.

    Society Realm is my SEO plan to act as a social aggregate website that procures and introduces niche websites of the internet. Society Realm is created to introduce unique websites, by offering an extra SEO option out there to share websites, as well as allow website owners to add any special updates from time to time that they would want to add. They would just need to send me the details through any of my websites they are a member of and I’ll add their website details on:

    Next on my SEO plan was creating Tech’s Realm for webmasters, developers etc. for both tech discussions and for website and forum promotion. I know it’s been done before, but I created Tech’s on Social Engine, not on the standard xenForo platform, to give members a different vibe and experience with more color and different ways to organize content. xenForo is an amazing forum, to be clear, love xenForo, but I felt that Social Engine gave me the hybrid options I wanted beyond a forum setting for Tech's Realm.  I’ve created a group for forum promotion, and members can join that group, but then members can also create their own group and post updates or special events they want to share anytime of their own websites. This will also give members an opportunity to connect with other webmasters and post share or any other discussions they would like to have.

    Forum Promotion group:

    Exclusive only to the Realm family websites as part of my SEO solution is I’ve created and updated the webring experience to a more modern way to highlight member websites by eliminating the “ring”, but creating the exposure option instead. This does not exist anywhere on the internet and is exclusive to Tech's Realm and my other websites.  I call it “WeBring” (We Bring) and I created a page for it on each of my websites and if members of any of my websites want me to add their website to this page by request, I'm happy to add their awesome websites.  In this genius option, members have a unique alternative for their website promotion that is free.

    Here’s the WeBring page on Tech’s Realm.

    All webmasters have the same challenges in today's market in website promotion and that's how to direct people to your website and to also have the highest compliment for them to join and participate.  I've found that creating content doesn't seem to be enough anymore because the search engines no longer work like they used to in indexing content.  You do also have to take time to learn what search engines are looking for and create content accordingly.  If you haven't considered Google Analytics, that's also a good way to determine if the content you are creating is finding interest.  I've actually been surprised at what content is being read on my websites after reviewing Google Analytics from time to time.

    Finally, supporting other webmasters at their websites has extreme value in building your reputation with others.  Post sharing is win-win with your other favorite websites and as you post share, you help to build content at both their websites and your websites.  Often times, this serves as a spring board to grow your membership base too.  I think it's also necessary to be realistic in the expectations of growing your website.  As you've probably heard many times in your life, the amount of sweat equity that you put into a project will reflect efforts, but to convert your efforts into results, you have to remain focused on creating the best friendly and informative atmosphere for your niche community.  From start up to success in website creation, takes a bit of moxy, courage, creative ingenuity, building trusted integrity and most of all being genuine.  It can be done, have patience and stay focused and most of all enjoy the journey as website building can be fun and rewarding with the right healthy perspective and expectations.

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