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  • Challenges of Creating Niche Social Websites and Forums

    Are Forum's dead?
  • US Proposed Laws that will affect us if they pass.

    These are the latest bills proposed in the United States Legislature.  I've read both the Digital Platform Commission Act and the Restrict Act. The Supreme Court threw out two significant cases the other day that challenged Section 230 and this was a vote from all nine judges.  This was a ...
  • Brand Promotion- How you represent yourself online.

    I believe there is a strong argument that how you represent yourself online can also determine your overall success in your websites performance. I have been a member of several websites over many years and I can easily distinguish who I would do business with or who's website I would join and contr...
  • Creative SEO

    It's no secret that promoting your website(s) are difficult and competitive including finding the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that won't break your wallet and works. Your challenges are fighting the establishment of mega websites that are well entrenched in most peoples lives, that trying ...
  • The Link between Dopamine and Gamification

    The Link between dopamine and gamification Basically, when we get an unexpected reward, dopamine neurons begin firing. If we’re rewarded enough for a specific action, the dopamine response shifts to occur immed...
  • Social Media- Has it reached it's peak?

    We’re Witnessing the End of Social Media Opinion article written by Ian Bogost originally in the Atlantic and redistributed by MSN. Ian Bogost from the  Atlantic wrote: It’s over. Facebook is in decline, Twitter in chaos. Mark Zuckerberg’s empire has lost hundreds of bill...