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Web Diva Sorry to not be so present lately. Between the non-stop storms and real life, I've been a little buried. :)
Jun 4

Geffers G Am I going mad? I thought I just compiled a forum post on a mobile battery saving tip I discovered, cannot find it now.
May 16

Mark Ransome Happy Friday and weekend all! :D
May 10

Lady X Overwatch 2 players, thoughts on the new Mythic system?
Apr 26

Drac Morbis To all the haters of A.I.: stop watching Terminator and Wargames. If computers were going to take over, they already would have. lol
Apr 13

PengieTech Editor updated. Should be fine. :)
December 16, 2023

fords8 Hey everyone. Been busy the last few weeks.
May 24, 2023