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Crimson Tide (1995) Official HD Trailer [1080p]

Posted by Geffers G
Over 20 years old but still relevant in this day and age. Nail biting story about discipline during tense circumstances aboard a US Navy submarine. Geffers
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  • Web Diva I can see that being a stretch for Sean Connery being a Soviet. I didn't pick up on that detail that he was educated in the UK from the movie...good catch.
  • Geffers G Pretty sure from memory Connery said in the movie he was educated in UK - might have dreamt it. That was the first of the Jack Ryan series too, they were good. If you like this type of movie you may enjoy the true story documentary link I posted 'Last Breath'.
  • Mark Ransome I love The Hunt for Red October, it's one of those movies I can watch over and over! I thought Sean Connery was brilliant in it along with Alec Baldwin and Sam Neill.
  • Web Diva Geffers G I'll look for your documentary link, thank you! Also great Jack Ryan book series. Mark Ransome We've seen Hunt for Red October tons of times. Sad when Sam Neill died and he couldn't see Montana.