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PASSENGERS - Official Trailer (HD)

Posted by Web Diva
This Christmas, every moment counts #PassengersMovieIn theaters December 21Follow us on Social:
Posted Mar 10 - Filed in Film & Animation - #Jennifer Lawrence  #Chris Pratt 
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  • Web Diva We watched Passengers last night. We have seen it before, but it's been a long time. It was good to see it a second time as you always miss detail the first time around. Passengers had it's share of tech along with drama and romance. The critical...  more
  • Geffers G The plot is vaguely familiar but the trailer doesn't jog my memory. Definitely seen a movie where two people wake early but seem to recall the guy wakes early then he wakes the woman.
  • Web Diva Your plot sounds very familiar in a space setting to me too....I found this list of people in space woken up early from their I haven't seen some of them, of course there's the...  more