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Favorite Forum or Social Community/Networking Platform

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We all have our favorite website platforms we use use to create our websites. What is your favorite? If you use another platform that is not listed, please use "other" and do share.
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  • Web Diva IMHO, the "forum" in general started failing across most forum platforms maybe by 2012 as Fakebook had reached it's power potential. Not sure when you tried xF, but that may be more of the reason you couldn't kick it off, that it was the platform...  more
  • Web Diva Both xF and vB have amazing Rich Text Editors. vB's is hard coded custom designed and xF uses Froala for their Rich Tex Editor. SE can't compete with that experience by using TinyMCE IMHO.
  • Mark Ransome Yes, I think SE's text editor has been neglected a bit and maybe needs an overhaul. I've noticed the text editor is a bit different in some plugins, it doesn't seem standardized. I can't remember which off the top of my head though!
  • Web Diva You said it much more politely then I could about SE's text editor I agree with you totally though that SE's TinyMCE is crying for help as 100% of what we do is writing and needing a wonderful text editor to do that with without fighting it. It took me...  more