AI- Embrace it or fear it?

  • Leader
    April 27, 2024 2:55 PM PDT

    Opening up this discussion on the topic of AI as I think we all have an opinion right now on AI.

    For me, some of my concerns come from humans becoming irrelevant.  People have to feel relevant, that they are part of a community, however that is, rather if it's in a working environment, neighborhood or online.  When humans aren't motivated to create new inventions, study for self improvement because they know AI will do it for them, than there's a loss of  life experiences that make us human.  Humans have to experience trials and failures, that's what makes us better and builds character.  If we don't try to be better because AI will write it for you, for example, than what's the point in life to coast through it?

    What do you think?  Do we have enough guard rails for AI, or do we have a long way to go to make the restrictions and safety nets for AI?