California websites proposed link tax law

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    April 18, 2024 5:14 PM PDT

    California is up to proposing a law that:

    The proposed state measure in question, called the California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA), would require tech companies, including Google, who sell advertising alongside news content to pay news publishers.

    I really don't know how that would affect a website, that's not a news website?  Would we not be able to link to an article and quote anymore, because the original author can now send us a bill for sharing their work?  I would think this is antithetical to any successful or growing journalist or news company because if Google limits links coming from California based websites then these websites will lose their audience over time because they are not indexed content anymore?  I also noticed the law says "tech companies that advertise".  Would niche websites still need to follow these rules anyway?

    The News/Media Alliance, a journalism trade organization and advocacy group, on Tuesday asked federal government officials to investigate Google after the tech giant said it would limit links to California news outlets in its search results.

    I don't know, does that mean I can't use a link or quote from any California based website if this bill passes?

    “We have long said that this is the wrong approach to supporting journalism,” Jaffer Zaidi, vice president of Google’s Global News Partnerships, wrote in a blog post Friday. “If passed, CJPA may result in significant changes to the services we can offer Californians and the traffic we can provide to California publishers.”

    I'm so used to quoting and linking to content for discussion.  If this passes that will change how we bring content discussions to our websites.  We will have to verify where each website is from before posting content, and maybe we can't directly link to the content?  Does this also mean if our members link content, that the webmasters are liable?

    Watching this one and thanks PengieTech for bringing this to my attention today.

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    April 23, 2024 2:07 PM PDT

    On a whim, I decided to take a look at a website I go to often and use their articles and links for conversation and realized Pocket Technologies ( through Mozilla are a California company.  If this California law passes, I will likely not be able to use any of their content for discussion.  I'm really not very sure right now, but since Google is getting ahead of all of this by removing California website companies out of searches, I think that's telling.

    For the record, I'm still confused about it though, as to whom it really affects since I'm not a "news company", however since I'm using a link for discussion, does that count?