The Relationship between Things- A Physics discussion between scholars.

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    April 3, 2024 11:03 AM PDT

    If you like word-smithing vocabulary, scholarly propositions expounding on the world as is, contemplating how the world works in terms of string theory, the physics of it all etc., you may enjoy this article.  I enjoyed reading this simply because I put myself in a place as if I was in a lecture hall listening to these people expand on the universe while rationalizing that "one thing" that makes it work or will we as humans ever figure it all out?

    What’s at the bottom of things? If we keep asking “Why?” where do we end up? The monotheistic faiths assert that our questions must culminate in God, a solitary, supernatural creator. Dissatisfied with that hypothesis, physicists postulate that everything stems from a single primordial force or particle, perhaps a supersymmetric string, from which flow the myriad forces and particles of our fallen world.